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Josef Bredell Training Camp Stockholm
Josef Bredell Training Camp was founded in 2016 and has been a success ever since. In September 2018, we drove abroad for the first time with the new concept Josef Bredell Training Camp Malta . We are happy to be able to develop at this pace! Josef Bredell Training Camp collaborates with Skogås HK. It is in Östra Gymnasiet in Skogås that we mostly spend the week. Children return year after year and bring with them wonderful memories from every single camp. With skilled leaders, national team & elite league-qualified handball coaches, we take in a lot of handball knowledge during these five days. We test different activities that have previously become cub, football, fireball, boxing, badminton and lots of collaborative exercises. * It does not matter which club you belong to today. EVERYONE is welcome to participate as long as there are places left!
Breakfast, lunch, snacks and a training t-shirt are included in the price for your participation.
Hope to see you this summer!

Josef Bredell Training Camp Malta
Josef Bredell Training Camp Malta was a first step for Josef in his dream of expanding abroad. Planning began in 2017
but a first camp was held on September 10, 2018.
In Malta we train 3-4 handball sessions a day.
The trainings are held indoors with the opportunity for outdoor activities, sun & swimming for approx. 30 degrees sun.
In 2018, registration was only open to Maltese handball players, but in 2020 we will be able to offer Swedish players air tickets, accommodation and handball training on the island.

Josef Bredell Training Camp VIP
Josef Bredell Training Camp VIP is our newest form of training camp where everything is more exclusive. The player receives all conceivable equipment and an intensive course from high divisions.
The camp is limited to 14 players including two players per position. Each position is trained by its own elite league / national team qualified player during two days of training. The player's individual areas of improvement are in the main focus and the player receives maximum attention from the coach in his position.
Planning is in full swing to start in April 2020.

Registration is not yet open.

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